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Pool Repair

Pool repair is important to make sure that your pool stays in a good condition. Leaving damaged areas or equipment for too long may cause much larger and more costly problems later. If you have a pool cleaning service that regularly checks the condition of your pool and equipment, you should never need major repairs. We offer big and small repair services and will make sure your pool is as good as new in no time. Our services range from repairing simple cracks to renovating old pool surfaces and make them look new.

Our Services

MFL Pools offer a wide range of repair services. From renovating to repairing cracks, we can help you fix them.

Cracks and Leaks

We repair cracks and other minor surface damages quickly and efficiently. We use high-quality materials and adhesives to make sure that your pool will be back to normal. It is important to report cracks and leaks as soon as possible to prevent further or major damage to your pool. We examine the whole pool surface and surrounding areas to make sure we get all the possible cracks and leaks and fix them. 

Pipes and Valves

You may not always realize their importance, but pipes and valves are essential to keep your pool system in a good condition and your pool looking good. Any damages or problems with piping or valves need to be fixed as soon as possible to help ensure a clean and well-running pool. Our technicians are expertly trained to fix or replace any piping and valves in no time.


Your pool filter is very important to keep your pool clean. It is the part that filters out all the small particles like leaves and insects that can make your pool dirty. It also helps to keep the water moving to prevent stagnant water. A faulty filter can make your pool unusable quite quickly as the debris will build up and make it unsightly. You will not want to swim in a pool with a faulty filter. Our repair technicians can have your filter up and running in no time.


The pool pump is the most important part of keeping your pool system healthy and functional. It is also the part that needs repairs most often. Your pump should be fixed as soon as possible when any problems are identified. Our technicians can repair a pump within the same day of your service request unless there are more serious problems.

It is important that all of these elements in your pool work well and together to ensure a proper functioning pool system.

Why Us?

Pool repairs are generally not something that you should try and do yourself. It is easy to make something worse without the proper knowledge, expertise, and tools.
For pool repairs, it is best to hire professionals. Hire us, because:


We are thorough.

Clients usually call us to repair a specific part of the pool system. When we get called out, we do a thorough evaluation of the pool system to determine if there are any other damages or potential issues. Some damages might be caused because another part of the system is also faulty


We are trustworthy.

Our services are all inclusive and affordable. We quote you on the specific service you requested as well as any added problems we may pick up. We will advise you on the urgency of the repairs and you can make a decision based on your finances.


We are well-trained.

All our specialists are trained extremely well in repairing any part of the pool system. We have technicians that specialize in leaks and cracks and others that specialize in pumps and filters. We will make sure the best technician for your problem is sent to do your repairs.

Our Process

We have a very specific and clear process that we follow for all our pool repair call-outs. We want to ensure that we understand your needs and
can meet all of them without a problem. Once you contact us for a quote or to hire us for repair services, we start the process.



Once we have been called out to do a pool repair, we visit the site. We do a thorough evaluation of the damage and also check for any further damage. One problem may the cause or result of another so we make sure that we have a complete picture of the damages. We discuss all our findings with the client and ask them to give us some history on the pool.



Based on all the information we gathered and the damages that we identified, we explain the steps needed for repair. Most of the equipment needed for repairs are transported with our technicians at all times and they will be able to do most repairs on the spot.


Quote and Permission

Once the damage and plan have been explained, the technician can go ahead with repairs as soon as the client has approved the quote and given permission to continue. Repairs will usually be done the same day.

This process may seem lengthy, but the inspection and plan phase can happen in a matter of minutes. Our technicians are that good at what they do.

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