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Pool Cleaning

Pool cleaning is essential to keep your pool swim-ready and looking good. Without frequent monitoring and cleaning, your pool water will become murky and green as the algae will take up residence. You have spent a lot of money getting the pool of your dreams so neglecting it is not an option. To reap the benefits of your pool, you need to keep it clean.

MFL Pools are here to help you with this chore. Our services are comprehensive and you can decide how often you need them. We will make sure that the chemicals are balanced and that all the equipment remains functional. We will take care of it all.

Our Services

Our pool building services involve the whole process from excavation to the picture-perfect oasis you imagine. The services or steps that are involved include:

Water Chemistry Test and Balancing

Our specialists check the water chemistry and make sure that it is balanced. They ensure that all the necessary chemicals are used and in the correct ratio to keep your pool crystal clear. They add the necessary chemicals as needed every time they go for a cleaning. If something is wrong with the balances or the water has turned green for some reason, our specialists will be able to fix this for you. The chemistry balance is very important to keep your pool clean and swim-ready.

Skimmer Box and Pump Basket Cleaning and Maintenance

Our specialists clean out the skimmer box and pump basket to remove any debris or foreign objects. They make sure that all the equipment, pipes, and baskets are unblocked and clean. They also check that all the equipment is still in a good condition and functioning properly. If they pick up any problems, they will inform you and fix it as soon as possible. They can often fix it on the spot. Frequent inspection of this equipment will prevent serious damage or malfunction which could cost you a lot of time and money later.

Vacuum and Removal of Debris

Another part of our cleaning service is to help make sure that calcium and algae build-up doesn’t happen. To prevent this, our specialists scrub and vacuum the floors, walls, and tiles to remove any calcium or algae that may already be there. They can also clean the tiles and decks around the pool to make sure that these areas don’t pollute the pool water. This is an important part of our services as it prevents more serious problems to occur.

Check and Maintain Equipment

The last very important part of our services is checking that all the pool equipment is fully functional. We check all the pipes, pumps, Barracuda, lights, and water feature equipment. If our specialists pick up any problems or identify potential future problems, they will inform you immediately and fix it on the spot. Fixing problems or potential problems early, will save you a lot of money in the long run and will make maintaining your pool much easier.

Why Us?

Sure, you can do pool cleaning yourself. So, why hire us to do it for you? Simply said, because we are the best. Hire us, because:


We are trustworthy.

We will never hide any damage or problems from you. We will inform you immediately if we identify serious problems with the water chemistry, surfaces, or equipment. We will not make any major repairs without your knowledge or permission.


We are thorough.

Our services are all-inclusive and you decide which ones you want to make use of. Whichever cleaning services you require, we guarantee a thorough job and great results. Our specialists will not leave before everything is ship-shape.


We are well-trained.

All our specialists are trained extremely well in analyzing water chemistry and making sure it is and remains balanced. Our technicians are also very well clued up and experienced in checking the pool equipment and repairing it when necessary.


We give value for money.

Our services are all inclusive and affordable. We offer weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or yearly cleaning services. You decide which option suits your budget. If you can only afford a monthly or yearly service, we will educate you on what to do to keep the chemistry balance and how to keep the surfaces clean.


We know the climate.

We have been building pools in Miami for years and we know exactly how each season and the overall climate affects pools. We take this into account with our cleaning services and make sure we adjust them as needed.

Our Process

We have a very specific and clear process that we follow for all our pool cleaning clients. We want to ensure that we understand your needs and
can meet all of them without a problem. Once you contact us for a quote or to hire us for cleaning services, we start the process.



We come to your home to see what your pool and surrounding area looks like. We test the chemistry, check the condition of the equipment, and determine how much work the surfaces will need. We gather information from you by finding out the history of the pool and how you have been cleaning it up to now.



Based on all the information we gathered and the condition of the pool, we compile a plan for your specific pool. We explain the services that will be needed, how often, and if any repairs are necessary. We discuss this plan with you and you tell us how you would like to go forward. If you cannot commit to a weekly cleaning option, we work out how to work around it.



Once we have adapted the plan to suit your financial and time needs, we draw up the agreement that will be signed by both parties. This agreement holds both parties responsible for their part in the pool maintenance process. We do our part and you do your part. It is the beginning of a beautiful and mutual relationship.

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