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Pool Building

Pool building is what happens when we dig up your yard and install a beautiful blue oasis. Pool building takes more than a day and is a lot of work. Before a pool can be installed, you will need certain permits that MFL Pools will sort out. This service involves MFL Pools to get to know what your needs are and to design and build a pool according to what you want. Building a pool is a big decision, but with our services and excellent results, you will never be sorry.

Our Services

Our pool building services involve the whole process from excavation to the picture-perfect oasis you imagine. The services or steps that are involved include:


This involves measuring out the area where the pool will be built. Once the lines are set, we move in the excavation machines to remove the grass and soil so you end up with a nice big hole in the ground. We remove the excess soil and debris. We are very careful during this phase so we don’t cause any damage to your property. It is a noisy part of the process, so we suggest informing the neighbors.

Steel Fixing and Concreting

This is the part where we lay steel fixing on the inside of the excavated area. This criss-cross steel cage will take on the form of the pool. It is used to spray the concrete on and keep it in place. Once the steel fixing and plumbing are done, the concrete is added. The concrete forms the solid walls and floor of the pool. Our services involve setting the steel fixings up to the finishing of the concrete surface.


Our services include the inside and outside plumbing of the pool. Inside plumbing includes the filter system, piping, and other water features that are part of the design. We have qualified plumbers that handle this to make sure that your pool system will run without a hitch.

Pool Installation

We do pool installations and building. Installations refer to fiberglass shapes that need to be installed. Building refers to laying a pebble or other type of finish instead of fiberglass. There are many different options and materials that can fill out the inside of your pool. During the evaluation phase of our process, we will find out what type of pool interior you would prefer. We can install or build any type of interior.

Why Us?

Pool building is a big undertaking and can sometimes be very complex. Some people install their own pools, but it is better to work with professionals.
A pool is something that will last for a long time if installed correctly. Choose us as your pool builder because:


We are trustworthy.

We are transparent about our services and costs. We are honest with clients about what will work and what not. We have no hidden costs and strongly value open communication with clients throughout the whole process.


We are thorough.

From excavation to finishing touches, we will be thorough in every process. We do not do anything halfway and we make sure that every phase is completed properly and that everything is intact before moving to the next phase.


We are well-trained.

All of our builders, plumbers, framers, concreters, and other technicians that work on a pool building project is highly trained and experienced. They know exactly what needs to happen and what to do if something goes wrong or unexpected problems come up.


We guarantee satisfaction.

We guarantee that you will love your new pool and that you will be 100% satisfied with the end product. We very clearly establish our clients’ requirements and expectations from the beginning and work with a specific plan to give them their dream p

Our Process

We have a full proof construction and installation process that consists of four phases.



We kick off the process by getting to know you, your requirements, and the space we need to work with. We evaluate your property and explain the requirements to you. Our specialists and designers take measurements, do calculations, and take into account your expectations and property. This first phase is very important to us because we need as much information as we can get to ensure that you are happy in the end. This process helps us to get you know you and what you expect and we believe this to be a crucial part of our process.



Phase 2 is the design phase where we take all the information we gathered about the property and your expectations and make them into a custom design. We discuss this design with you in detail and we want your input. The first design is never the final design. We strongly encourage collaboration in this phase to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the pool design. We have pre-designed pool templates, but we only use them as a guideline. Most of our pools are custom-designed to fit the needs and expectations of our clients as well as the physical requirements and space of the property.



The construction phase is where we get down and dirty. We take over your backyard and start doing all the excavations needed. We aim to work fast and with low noise levels as far as possible and we try to not disturb your normal day-to-day activities too much. We want to get your pool done as fast as possible while ensuring that it is done correctly and properly. After the excavations are done, we start installing the pool and any other features that we agreed on during the design phase. These features can include rock art or decks.


Cleaning and Completion

By this phase, your dream pool is operational and looking good. We clean up all the mess we might have made and move our equipment out so you can have your oasis. We guarantee that you will be satisfied. However, if there is something that you are not happy with, we discuss it and work together to fix it or sort it out. We will not leave you with a pool you are not 100% happy with.

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