A pool is great to have in your yard. It has several benefits from family time to entertaining pool parties, to simple relaxation. It is, however, a pricey thing to have and if you don’t look after it well, it can cost you lots of money. It is much better to maintain your pool regularly than have to struggle with repairs and extreme cleaning situations.

Before building a pool, consider these 4 things. If you already have one, start taking action today.

1. Pool Cleaning

Keeping your pool clean is essential for pool health. Skimming leaves and other debris off the top should happen daily to avoid rotting leaves at the bottom of the pool. The filter also helps with this, but it is very important to keep the water surface clean. Vacuuming the bottom of the pool to get rid of calcium and algae should be done regularly. You can also use a pool brush to help with this job. The sides and floor of the pool need to be kept clean. Keeping your pool clean will take time and commitment.

2. Water Chemistry

Part of keeping your pool clean is making sure that the water chemistry is right. Your pool requires a fine balance between acid and alkalinity to remain blue and healthy. It is a good idea to hire professionals to maintain the water chemistry, but you can do it yourself if you are willing to put the time in. You will need to learn about the different chemicals needed and what their ratios should be. You will need to know when to add what and how to test the water. The water may take some time to be swim-friendly after the addition of certain chemicals. You can buy water testing kits and chemicals that will help you with this process.

3. Pool Heating

If you have or want a heated pool, you need to take into consideration the energy costs. Pool heating takes a lot of energy. This is not good for your energy bill or the environment. To keep down energy costs, you need to consider not heating the pool during summer. You should also only heat the pool in winter when you will be using it. When building a new pool, you should carefully consider whether you want pool heating or not. The maintenance costs might make you decide against it.

4. Pool Repair

If you clean your pool regularly and take good care of the systems and features, major repairs should rarely be necessary. When a pool is neglected, however, it tends to cost a lot in repairs. Cracks and leaks can appear because of bad weather or neglect. The pump and filters can get damaged or stop working for several different reasons. All of these things will need repair at some point. You can limit repairs by hiring professionals to maintain your pool or by putting in the time yourself.

Before deciding to build or install a pool, make sure that you are willing to commit to maintaining it or paying someone to maintain it for you. An expensive and beautiful pool will stop having benefits when it is poorly maintained.